Tamil Movie Nanban – Review

Complete review of Tamil movie Nanban:
This time, I have taken the latest Tamil movie Nanban with the Technicians details, who have involved, Story and plus and minus of in the movie and its screen play. The movie has got great level of expectations because of the commitment of Tamil famous director Shankar and Illayathalapathy Vijay in this movie. The expectation got raised with the related functions of this movie like, Audio release of Nanban and the Interviews of Director Shankar about Nanban got the peak level of got the Tamil audiences on their toes and waited for the release date.

 After the release date, it the back ground of this movie proven by the online booking for Nanban through internet via Google search. Now, this Tamil movie has been running successfully in the theatres of the major cities of Tamilnadu, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Thoothukudi etc.,

Banner and back ground Technicians of Tamil Movie Nanban is as follows:

The Producer of Tamil movie Nanban is, Jemini Film circuits.  
The Director is, Shankar
The Music Director of Nanban is, Isai Puyal A R Rahman
The Dialogues of Nanban are wriiten by Director Shankar and Kaarki
Director Shankar in Nanban Shooting Spot
with Camera
The songs of Nanban have been written by 4 numbers of Tamil poets, Pa. Vijay, Na. Muthu Kumar, Kaarki and Vinayaka.
Co Director is, Jairam
Executive Producer of Nanban movie is, Raju Eashwaran
Choreography for Nanban movie Songs have been done by Prabhakaran and Rashaf
Story and Screen Play of Tamil movie Nanban are done by, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi.
Editor for Nanban is Antony.
Full Complete Story of Kollywood movie Nanban:
The movie Nanban starts with the role of Tamil actor of Sri Kanth in Nanban. He stops his flight on the way by acting as if he gets sick to stop the flight and get backs to meet his old friend, namely Paari Vendhan who studied with him before 10 years in Ideal Engineering College. He joins with his other friend who is Tamil actor Jeeva to search their third friend, Paari Vendhan who is the role of Tamil actor Vijay. They come to know that, Paari Vendhan is in Ooty. So they start to Otty in search of him and with them, the story also begins. In the journey, Sri Kanth starts the flash back of their 4 years college life in that Engineering College.
The College days are shown with colourful days begins from Ragging and the introduction given by the College principle which has been done by Tamil actor Sathya Raj. Then slowly the story moves towards the college Galatta Scenes. In most of the days, the acting performance of Tamil actor vijay is very nice, particularly the scenes like the speech of actor Sathyan on stage in Sen Tamil, Vijay and Sathya raj clashing scenes during the first half. Also the scenes those picturing the relationship development between Vijay, Jeeva and Shrikanth.
The love scens between Vijay and actress Iliyana are colourful even though the number of scenes is less. The main story of this movie is Friendship. The songs have got already hit before many days. The videos songs also have got better by the picturing of Shankar. The list of songs is,
1.       Asku laska
2.       All is well
3.       Irukkaana Iduppu
4.       En Friend a pola
Lets go for the individual roles of the three top Tamil heroes in Nanban.
Role of Jeeva in Tamil movie Nanban:
Jeeva has done the role of one of the three friends of this movie. His family has very poor back ground and struggles for day to day life with unwell father and unmarried, aged sister. With this back ground, Jeeva comes to the college with lot of fear and dreams to get nice marks and a job when going out of the college. But the situation are hurdling him from getting marks in the exams. When the movie ends, the audience will know if Jeeva role gets nice job and saves his family or not.
Role of Shrikanth in Nanban:
As I have mentioned above, Shrikanth is the one who gives us the whole story by means of flash back.   His family back ground is a fair one with monthly earning father who dreams his son to become an Engineer. For that his father makes himself to live a simple life to live in a rent house and spends all his earnings for the education of Srikanth. But the interest of Shrikanth is with Wild Life Photography. The second half of Nanban shows us is Shrikanth role gets an Engineering jobs as per his father’s dream or he becomes a wild life photographer.
Role of Illayathalapathy vijay in Nanban:
Of course he is the hero of Nanban. His role is really different one among his 52 Tamil movies in his career. He comes to the college and changes everything in the college. For an example, he advocates with Sathyaraj to change the whole educating method, systems. Tamil actor Vijay advices his 2 friends to pursue their own dreams and to study the subject by understanding what we are studying about. Even though he dedicates most of his times for his friends, he gets the first rank in the exams as he studies the subjects by understanding them. Let me tell more about Vijay role after some more words..
Role of Sathyan in Tamil movie Nanban:
Tamil actor Sathyan has done one of the important roles in this movie. His role demonstrates us clearly the character of a student who memorizes the words from the subject and not the concept. We all may feel while seeing the role of Sathyan that, we had a guy in our College day’s classes. J In a scene, Sathyan (who memorizes the subject words) challenges vijay (who studies by understanding the concepts) to win him in life if Vijay can.
At the tail ends of the story, we the audience will come to who wins the race? If it is vijay or Sathyan. That is, the one who studies with concept or the one who studies by mugup.
Plusses and minuses of Tamil movie Nanban:
 I am just an audience of Tamil cinema and not an expert to classify the plusses and minuses accurately. Here I am saying the points that I felt when watching the movie Nanban as a normal Tamil cinema audience. This opinion can differ.
There are 100 of plusses in the movie Nanban.
1.       Story, Screenplay, direction
2.       Characters selection
3.       Music
4.       Comedy
5.       Locations
6.       Acting of the artists (vijay, Jeeva, Shrikanth, Sathyan, Sathyaraj, Illieyana, Anuya, S J Surya etc)
Tamil Movie Nanban more updates:
Yes. S J Surya and Anuya have also acted in this movie. The role of Tamil actress Anuya in Nanban is the sister of Illiyana. S J Surya role is the real Paari Vendhan (Watch movie to get the reason and twists in the Movie Nanban)..
Totally, Nanban is a full entertainer film which can be enjoyed with friends especially and with family.. We can see the audience in the theatres to get laughed throughout the movie.
As Nanban a Vijay movie, the Vijay fans are happy by seeing the change over of Illayathalapathy from similar kind of action movies to a normal neighborhood boy’s role in Nanban.  The Result and the ticket collection of Nanban is showing that happyness. Yes, even though Nanban got released just before few days, it has been rocking in the collection in all the Tamilnaud cinema theaters it got released, like, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Trichy etc.,
The First day Ticket collection of Tamil movie Nanban has crossed 15 Crores INR. Another good news is, this movie has dumped 57 Crores of Indian money at the first week collection, ie) between 12th Jan to 16th Jan.
Words of Illayathalapathy Vijay about the movie Nanban. Today (21 Jan) Tamil actor Vijay has spoke about the movie Nanban, that it has given the collection as equal to the Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth movies. The words of Vijay about this movie has raised more controversies about Vijay that he compares a movie (Nanban) which is released only in Tamil nadu with the movie of Rajni which had been released in many places of Inid as well as in other countries too..
Update : 23 January 2012:
Today, Tamil actor Vijay has talked more about the Movie Nanban as follows;
Vijay has said that, he had been waiting to give a different Illayathalapathy Vijay on the Tamil cinema screen for long days. The dream of Tamil actor Vijay has come true with this movie, Nanban. that he acted in a powerful but humble role, different from other Movies of vijay os talking too many punch dialogues and defeating 100s of fighters physically.
Dr. Vijay says with delight that, himself, actor Jeeva and actor Shrikanth have become very close friends after the shooting of Nanban. When asked about the heroin of Tamil movie Nanban, Ileana, Vijay said, is was good and Vijay’s kiss with Illeana was not give straight and they kisses each other by tilting the head. So that nose of Vijay did not hit the nose of Illeana – Vijay says with smile.
Then talked about the core story of Nanban, Tamil actor Vijay said, the story of Nanban is very strongly telling the problems with the current educational system.

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