Tamil Actors Date of Birth | Tamil Actors Birthday List

Arun Vijay

Tamil actor Arya date of birth: 11th December 1980 Age : 40

Tamil actor Adithya date of birth: 3rd November 1969 – 
Tamil actor Ajith kumar date of birth: 1st May 1971
Tamil actor Arjun date of birth: 15th August 1964
Tamil actor Arvind Swamy date of birth: 30th June 1967
Tamil actor Bharath date of birth: 21st July 1984
Tamil actor Cheran date of birth: 12th December 1970
Tamil actor Chinni Jayanth date of birth: 26th July 1960
Tamil actor Dhanush date of birth: 25th February, 1978
Tamil actor Gemini ganesan date of birth: 17th November 1920
Tamil actor Goundamani date of birth: 18th March 1950
Tamil actor Jai date of birth: 6th April 1985
Tamil actor Jai sankar date of birth: 12th July 1938
Tamil actor Jayaram date of birth: 10th December 1964
Tamil actor Jeeva date of birth: 4th January 1984
Tamil actor Jithan ramesh date of birth: 23rd October 1984
Tamil actor K. Bhagyaraj date of birth: 7th January 1953

Tamil actor Kamal hasan date of birth: 7th November 1954
Tamil actor Karthi date of birth: 25th May 1977
Tamil actor Karthik date of birth: 13th September 1960
Tamil actor Karunaas date of birth: 21st February 1970
Tamil actor M.G.R date of birth: 17th January 1917
Tamil actor M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar date of birth: 3rd January 1909
Tamil actor M.N.Nambiar date of birth: 7th March 1919
Tamil actor Madavan date of birth: 6th January 1970
Tamil actor Mammooty date of birth: 7th September 1953
Tamil actor Manivannan date of birth: 3rd May 1956
Tamil actor Mohan lal date of birth: 21st May 1960
Tamil actor Nakul date of birth: 15th June 1984
Tamil actor Nages date of birth: 27th September 1933
Tamil actor Narain date of birth: 7th July 1979
Tamil actor Nasar date of birth: 5th March 1958
Tamil actor Nepolean date of birth: 2nd December 1963
Tamil actor Pa. Vijay date of birth: 20th October 1974
Tamil actor Parthiban date of birth: 9th March 1957
Tamil actor Prabhu deva date of birth: 3rd April 1973
Tamil actor Prakash Raj date of birth: 23rd November 1965
Tamil actor Prasanna date of birth: 28th August 1982
Tamil actor Prashanth date of birth: 4th April 1973
Tamil actor Rajinikanth date of birth: 12th December 1950
Tamil actor Raju Sundaram date of birth: 7th March 1968
Tamil actor Jayam Ravi date of birth: 10th September 1980
Tamil actor Sarathkumar date of birth: 14th july 1954
Tamil actor Shaam date of birth: 2nd may 1972
Tamil actor Vadivelu Date of Birth – 12 September 1960
Tamil actor Vivek date of birth: 19th November 1961
Tamil actor Visha date of birth: 29th August 1977
Tamil actor Vikram date of birth: 17th April 1966
Tamil actor Vijayakanth date of birth: 25th August 1952
Tamil actor vijay date of birth: 22nd June 1974
Tamil actor Surya date of birth: 23rd july 1975

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