Mystery Behind Actress Alphonsa’s Lover, Vinoth Kumar Death

Following the mysterious death of Actress Alphonsa’s boyfriend Vinoth Kumar’s, she had eaten large amounts of sleeping pills and was admitted in ICU at a private hospital. While she was in the hospital for two days, information about her beloved’s death was released.
On 6th morning around 7 O’clock, Alphonsa returned home. From the conversations with Alphonsa and some of the press reporters, these things were revealed.
Tamil Actress Alphonsa


Alphonsa says about her Married Life:
I and Nobel were married in 2005. After that, I stopped my acting career in the cine field. We lived in Dubai. As we faced loss in the business that he was running, there was a money problem. I along with my child stayed in Virugambakkam Seabraas apartment. In 2010, during the festival of Christmas, my brother Manoj who is a Dance Master brought his friends home. That time Vinoth Kumar also came with my brother. Everyone went to the ‘Velankanni Temple’ at Besant Nagar.
Relationship with Vinoth Kumar:
My friend Manju who is a Dancer and Vinoth Kumar are friends. Both often come to my house. Manju presented a ring to me. Vinoth Kumar claimed to put the ring, and he put in my fingers. I did not take it seriously as he is a small guy and so I thought that he just wishes to do it.
How it turned to Love?
Vinoth Kumar presented me a doll that was sitting lonely on Valentine’s Day last year and proposed his love to me. As I was separated from my husband, I fell in love with Vinoth Kumar.
From when did you both start to stay together?
Initially, when he was seeking an opportunity in the Cine field, he was staying in ‘Valasaravaakkam’. Only before 6 months, we started to stay together. He wishes to eat pudding and so I prepare it and give for him often. As he was unable to succeed in the film industry, a mental strain developed in our life.
Did he ever talk about marriage?
He used to often tell that we will have to get married as soon as possible. But if I do not legally receive divorce from Nobel, he may give problems and so I was telling to Vinoth that let’s get married after I get divorce from Nobel. He had even said that as a witness to our marriage; let’s give birth to a child.
Does your Husband know about your Love with Vinoth?
Last year my Husband came from Dubai. I had a fear that he might take me along with him to Dubai. So that night when my husband came, Vinoth Kumar stayed in my house itself. I said to Nobel that I am going to Marry Vinoth Kumar. He said he will be left to die if it happens. But he refused to take me to Dubai. He does not care about my child. I said that I am very sure about my remarriage with Vinoth Kumar and sent him back to Dubai.
Vinoth Kumar’s Parents accepted for your marriage with him?
I do not know. But, Vinod Kumar’s mother had stayed in my house. In a same bed all 4 of us; I along with Vinod Kumar, his mother and my child had slept together that night. I went to theater together with them to watch a movie ‘Engaeyum Kaadhal’. His mother should know about my marriage with Vinoth Kumar. However I think that, they did not want to accept me.
Vinod Kumar had the habit to get money often from his mother and spend. He also could not win big in Cinema field. Once we had to take a small amount that was remaining in house and spend. In this situation, I took the decision to go to dance again. Going to a dance show in Dubai hotels, was confirmed.

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