Surya Jothika Love Story

When it comes to Celebrity couple in Tamil Cinema, one of the topmost couples that come on the list is, Surya and Jothika. They are familiar in Tamilnadu and south Indian Cinema Industry for their performance on screen for the past 2 decades.

Surya Jothika Love Story

Suriya is the son of Tamil Actor Endrum Markendeyan Siva Kumar and Jothika was born and brought up in Mumbai and Tamil actress Nagma is her elder sister.

The friendship between Jothika and Surya has blossomed in the shooting of Poovellam Kettuppaar. In that period both of them have acted together. In those times, Surya has helped Jyothika to talk well in Tamil and to act.
The first time meeting of Surya and Jothika has happened in the Test Shoot conducted by director Vasanth. The director has said that Surya, try to be a friend with Jothika because this is a love-based movie. At first sight, Jothika had slight shyness because Surya is an actor from a movie produced by Mani Ratnam. On the other hand, Surya has had shyness to Jothika as she was from Bollywood.
In that first meet, Jothika has offered her hand to Surya for a handshake and said, we are friends hereafter.
The first good impression of Jothika for Surya has happened on seeing her kind behavior with her assistants.
One of the reasons for Jothika getting attracted to Surya is his shyness, especially with girls/ladies.
At the time when they were friends, they used to talk about cinema much, used to laugh a lot about the gossips comes out about both of them. Jothika used to encourage Surya a lot as at a point in time, she was in the level of acting with big actors like Kamal ( in Tenali movie ) and Surya was facing a tough time in the industry. In those times, Jothika used to encourage him a lot. Jothika is the one who recommended to the director Gautham Vasudev Menen for the movie Kaaka Kaaka.
As per source and words from the director Gautham Vasudev Menen in an interview, the love story of Surya and Jothika has started from the shooting times of the movie Kaaka Kaaka that he said they were flying like birds in that shooting.
At the beginning of marriage talks, there has been big opposition from the father of Surya, Siva Kumar. Then by seeing the strong love bind between Jothika and Surya, Siva Kumar has agreed to the marriage of them. But it has taken much time and Surya and Jothika have waited for permission from Siva Kumar. We can recall the dialogue from the movie Peralagan, that Surya says, Orruke theriume Iva dhan en wife nu’ (Everyone knows she is my wife ). Jothika is the heroine of that movie Peralagan.
Marriage date of Surya and Jothika – 11 September 2006
Marriage Place: Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai.
Son of Surya and Jothika – Dev
Daughter of Surya and Jothika – Diya
When Jothika said about Surya, she said that he is a man who hesitates to face and talk with girls/ladies, such a sincere man. I used to go and talk with him of my own and he used to talk with care.
When Surya talks about Jothika, he said that I was in a situation of not understanding how to act for anger and love longing and the difference between those two feels. But, Jothika was a great actress in that time itself, and I have admired her acting. She was encouraging me to keep me with an increased comfort level too.
Tips from Surya Jothika couple for a married couple: Be quiet at the time of miscommunication between the couple instead of pronouncing unwanted words.
List of movies released between Kaaka Kaaka ( So-called love beginning of Surya and Jothika ) to Sillunu Oru Kadhal ( Last movie of Suryand Jothika together on screen before their marriage ):
Kaaka Kaaka,  Perazhagan, Mayavi, Sillunu Oru Kadhal
In the year 2022, Surya and Jothika received National Awards for same movie namely Soorarai Potru, in which Surya received for Best actor and Jyothika received for Best Feature film producer award.

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