Tamil movie Sultan Review / Analysis

 Casts and crew:

Tamil movie Sultan 2021 Review

Actors: Karthi, Rashmika Mandanna, Ramachandra Raju, Nawab Shah, Napolean, Lal, Yogi Babu, Sathish, etc.,

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Bagyaraj Kannan

Producer: SR Prabu

Cinematography: Sathyan Sooriyan

Editing: Ruben

Release Date: 2 April 2021

Running time: 149 minutes


This movie has handled 3 stories at the same time, those are,

1. A boy who grows up in the midst of 100 men who are involved in day-to-day violence that they work for the father of that boy and living with the boy and his father in the same house for decades.

2. A village near Salem is suffered by a man called Siva Seelan who wants to vacate the whole village and get the village to a corporate company that wants to get steel from the land of the village.

3. A village girl who loves her village and wants to protect the village from Siva Seelan and that corporate company.

On the other hand, the boy who grows up in the middle of 100 men wants to get them out of violence and give them free life. This story talks about how the boy grows up and saves those 100 men from the dangers approaching them.


Positive Points:

1. Different and new main plot of the movie which talks about a boy born and grows up in the midst of 100 men who are involved in violence.

2.Screen Presence of Karthi

3. Music of Yuvan Shankar Raja in some places of the movie.

4. Powerful interview block.

5. Rashmika Mandanna role has been written with some details, unlike the other commercial movies, using for mere songs. Rashmika has a role to play in this movie that she loves her village and doing things to protect the village.

Negative Points:

1. Shades of the main plot of the movie got diluted when the scenes passing. The intensity of the main plot is not carried out throughout the movie. So many things such as love scenes, songs, village scenes are overshading the very interesting main plot of the movie.

2. So many logical questions;

a. Sultan loses his mother and he has born and brought up in the midst of those 100 rough guys, so, eventually, he will have a rough character inside. Those things like, what are the character changes, weird characters Sultan has could have been shown in specific in the movie, to add more originality of the script.

b How come a hero falls in love just after 3 days of losing his father?

c. As per the story background of Sultan, his life is mixed with the life of those 100 men, so there would have been big tragedies/sentiments that would have happened when he left them and go to Mumbai. those things could have been used and showed them on-screen to show the affection sultan has on his 100 brothers.

3. In the climax, the villain could have come to fight with Karthi even without informing him, why should he call and inform him before coming??

4. Even though the movie has Yogi babu and Sathish, who are well-established comedians of Tamil cinema, the movie does not have remarkable comedy tracks, even the one-liners of yogi babu have not helped the movie in most of the scenes.

5.The main theme of the movie that a boy grows up in the middle of 100 violent men has the potential for lively moments to entertain the audience with a smile, but due to the interruption of many other themes to the mail line of the movie, that liveliness has got reduced.

Overall, if you don’t care logic, the intensity of a movie, this movie may entertain you to some extend.

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