Vikram 2022 Review

 Story Line :

Vikram 2022 Review

A huge amount of drugs is getting captured by Police from Santhanam ( this role is done by Vijay Sethupathy ). Followed by that, some of the policemen are getting killed by Santhaanam and his gang. Among those policemen, the father of that policeman is Karnan ( this role is done by Kamal Haasan ). On the other hand, there is an unknown gang with a group of masked guys killing government officials and Karnan and taping the murder scene on video and sending it to the police department.

Role of Amar ( Fahad Fassil ) :

On seeing those video clips, the police department assigns a group of guys who are specialists in finding the mysterious criminals all around the country led by Amar ( this role is done by Fahadh Fassil ). This role has no permanent name, no id cards like Aadhaar / ration card in the country.

He has a girl friend ( role is done by actress Gayathri Shankar ). The team of Amar accepts the mission of finding the gang who is doing chain murder of government officials. Then Amar and his team take a commercial space in Chennai and start investigations about the gang. He does the investigation in a unique way that he does not follow any rules of the police department, he says a lot lies, going to meet people with various names and identities. He starts from the scratch of the murders without any kind of leads and goes till reaching the head who is doing all these murders.

In his investigations, he gets a lot of information about the people who have got killed by those serial killers. In that way, he gets inspired by Karnan who got killed by that serial killer gang that Karnan is a,


Man goes to many ladies for relationship



Singer who also dances with slum guys

When he finds the real face of Karnan, that he is none other than Commander Vikram who worked as a Raw agent for Indian Government in the year 1986. After finishing his mission of finding who is the serial killer gang, Amar destroys Sandhanam house and lab also he kills the Police superintent who is the reason behind the murder of Amar’s wife. Also, after finding the real face of Karnan at a point, he admits to Karnan that he ( Amar ) is a fan of his ( Karnan ) works and he expresses his interest to join in the team of Vikram.

Parallelly, Amar destroys the lab and house of Sandhanam ( role is explained below ) as he knows much about the empire of Sandhanam at the time of his investigation.

Role of Sandhanam ( Vijay Sethupathy ):

On the other hand, Sandhanam is a drug supplier in Chennai getting arrested by a cop and escapes himself from the cop by killing the cop in his introduction scene.

Note : Sandhanam has a kind of Super Power when he intakes some drug and he beats others like a beast.

He is a gangster, a doctor owning a huge chemical lab in his house to process the drug and supply them in the city. He has a big family consisting of 3 wives and 24 members in total. He gets upset totally after the seizure of huge drug worth more than 20 lakhs of crores. He is in the mission of finding that huge drug seized by a cop and getting them back to him.

At this time, both, Amar and Sandhanam get information that the serial killer gang is going to murder the next government officer who is one of its business partners of Sandhanam. So, Sandhanam keeps his partner under his security without trusting the police department. Even after that, the serial killer gang takes that partner of Sandhanam and kills him.

Knowing that Amar is the one who destroyed his ( Sandhanam ) house and lab, Sandhanam takes his ( Amar ) girl friend and kills her brutally. Then he comes to know that the man who is trying to hide the drug from him is Vikram and he has a Grandson. So, up next, Sandhanam sends his men to kidnap the grandson of Vikram.

Did he find ways to get back his drug from the police? Was his attempt to kidnap his grandson of Vikram successful? What happened to his big family including 3 wives are revealed towards the end of the movie Vikram 2022.

Role of Vikram ( Kamal Haasan )

This is the lion of the jungle kind of land shown in the movie Vikram 2022. Initially, he shows off to the entire police department as if he got killed by a gang of people. Then Amar ( Fahadh Fassil ) is getting oscillated when tries to investigate who is Karnan and his background. Wherever Amar ( Fahadh ) goes in search of finding information about Vikram ( Kamal ) he gets a lot of information saying as if Vikram ( Kamal ) is a lazy fellow, an alcohol addict, misbehaving with his own daughter in law and a man who goes to prostitute every day. With the help of Amar wife during the interval, Amar comes to know about unexpected things about Vikram ( Kamal ) that Vikram is almost a ghost.

Then Vikram takes away one of his business partners Sandhanam ( Viay Sethupathy ) and kills him easily even though Sandhanam gave great protection against his partner. So Santhanam gets angry on Vikram, but Vikram and Amar do not give any breathing space for revenge. But, when Santhanam gets the clue that Vikram has a grandson, Santhanam starts taking steps to kill his grandson of Vikram. But Vikram resists the plans of Santhaanam in various ways. At the end, did Vikram protect his grandson or not? did he protect the drugs from Santhaanam and others or not? and other questions have been answered towards the climax of the movie.

Positive Things of Vikram 2022 movie:

1. Densed writing :

This movie has highly densed writing that each and every scene of the movie has a story behind. For an example, during the investigation of Amar about Vikram, most of his witnesses are talking about 5 years of frame which says that Vikram has entered into the house of PRabhanjan who is an ACP of police who gets thread from drug dealers. It indirectly says that Vikram is on a mission that he will enter the house of Prabhanjan to save his life and to get more information about drug dealers in the city.

2. Casts selection:

The cast for each and every role of this movie has been chosen carefully and some of the examples are,

Agent Lawrence role has been given to Elangovan who has the perfect face for the character.

Gayathri ( Amar’s wife ) role has been given to actress Gayathri Shankar who has an innocent face and perfect look suiting the character.

3. Acting of Casts :

All the actors and actresses of this movie have done their roles without any compromise.

4. Music :

Anirudh has done his part brilliantly.

5. Originality of the script :

The script could have been written based on Vikram 1986 or Kaidhi or even as a complete 100% Kamal Fan boy movie. But Lokesh KAnagaraj has chosen to be unique and to get Kamal hassan and big stars in his original script which has a part of his cinematic Universe.

6. New attempt at creating a cinematic universe :

It is not common in Tamil movies to see a unique universe talked in various movies either of same director or by different directors. But in this movie, Lokesh has started this concept of LCU ( Lokesh Cinematic Universe ) that Vikram 2022 has a backdrop of Tamil movie Kaidhi which was directed by Lokesh KAnagaraj himself. Not only the same character, but these two movies have some back stories in common.

7. Cinematography :

This movie has good cinematography that even robotic arms have been used for this movie.

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